Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sheila's Padfolio Takes another Trip

My blogging friend, Sheila at Idaho Beauty Quilts, made this padfolio for me a few years ago in a mutual challenge.  I take it with me on trips and like to show her where it's been ...   Here we are at the ruined Urquhart Castle in Scotland just a few weeks ago. 

It never ceases to amaze me how the things we create and put out into the world take on lives of their own : The quilts we make and give away, the journals we gift (or sell) -- Like children, it's neat to see where our creations end up in this world -- what kind of lives they lead after we release them.  

Cheers, Sheila!

Textures from the Necropolis in Glasgow, Scotland

You might think I'm crazy, to travel so far in a land of beautiful verdant landscapes, and what do I come back with, but texture pics from a cemetery!  Don't worry--I've got oodles of Scottish Highland pics, too, and maybe someday I'll work them up in a landscape quilt.

Now it's back to the over-stimulation of work,  and I find it's these oh-so-calming abstracts that settle me down.    These are all from The Necropolis in Glasgow, a Victorian era cemetery on a hill.  Here's an article from Glasgow Living to give you a better flavor of this particular City of the Dead. 

FYI : These are pretty much straight out-of-the-camera with very little additional processing (save for cropping or straightening).    If you want to see better quality images for this texture set, please see my corresponding Flickr Photo Album.  Enjoy!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Progress on Day at Loon Lake Quilt

Some events at work this month have made me want to disengage and NOT think about work or words in  my off-time.  Working on a project like this, with colors and shapes, is the perfect down-time for my brain.    This was the last block to be done.  Raw-edge applique.

 The full block.

This gives a little better idea of how it integrates into the block next to it.

See that turquoise-y block in the middle (in the first pic)--right under the BIG loon?  It just wasn't the right blue for a NorthWoods Lake -- too mediterranean.  It just never fit with the blocks around, nor the overall scene it was seeking to depict, so I swapped it out for the bluer blue in the second pic.  Ahh -- much more harmony!

Now I can move on to the next steps ...  stitching down the applique pieces and doing some free-motion embroidery.


Dancer at the Door County Ren Faire, July 2016.
Playing with Adobe PhotoShop Elements 14 and 
Topaz Impression : Georgia O'Keefe filter. 
I love how it blurred things, and made her look like her eyes are closed. 

Here's original photo with only slight touch-ups.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Beautiful Grunge : Rusty Roses

My continuing love affair with Rust ...  These are some beautiful rusty roses found on some of my dad's old logging equipment.  [If he sees this, he'll never look at that old rust the same way again!  Or he'll have total confirmation that his daughter turned out with a kooky sense of beauty!]

Here's the wider shot the close-ups above came from.   

 This one looks like a painting.  So beautiful!

It just goes to show that there is Beauty everywhere, if we just stop to notice!

Again, here's the wider shot that yielded some of the close-ups above. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Texture with Hole (and More Rust)

I haven't been posting many Photos or texture work lately.  Believe me, it's one of my abiding loves in this life!  I found these at my dad's place a few weeks ago.  I loved the juxtoposition of the "black hole" next to the swirly lush nebulae-y greens ...  and of course, the rust!

Same but different :

Things like this give me a chance to practice "seeing," to compose a shot.  
Here's a different view of the same subject :

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Beautiful Rusty Grunge : Encore

My husband was cleaning out the garage this wkd, and he found the old charcoal starter.  It was sitting  a pile on the driveway -- on it's way out, when I noticed the beautiful patterns.  I took a few pictures (which you see here).    I considered reclaiming it for rust dyeing--but the Rust Fairies did such nice work on it, I might keep it around to see what else they do with it!  It's kind of like Frost Patterns ...