Sunday, July 10, 2016

Progress on Day at Loon Lake Quilt

Some events at work this month have made me want to disengage and NOT think about work or words in  my off-time.  Working on a project like this, with colors and shapes, is the perfect down-time for my brain.    This was the last block to be done.  Raw-edge applique.

 The full block.

This gives a little better idea of how it integrates into the block next to it.

See that turquoise-y block in the middle (in the first pic)--right under the BIG loon?  It just wasn't the right blue for a NorthWoods Lake -- too mediterranean.  It just never fit with the blocks around, nor the overall scene it was seeking to depict, so I swapped it out for the bluer blue in the second pic.  Ahh -- much more harmony!

Now I can move on to the next steps ...  stitching down the applique pieces and doing some free-motion embroidery.


Dancer at the Door County Ren Faire, July 2016.
Playing with Adobe PhotoShop Elements 14 and 
Topaz Impression : Georgia O'Keefe filter. 
I love how it blurred things, and made her look like her eyes are closed. 

Here's original photo with only slight touch-ups.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Beautiful Grunge : Rusty Roses

My continuing love affair with Rust ...  These are some beautiful rusty roses found on some of my dad's old logging equipment.  [If he sees this, he'll never look at that old rust the same way again!  Or he'll have total confirmation that his daughter turned out with a kooky sense of beauty!]

Here's the wider shot the close-ups above came from.   

 This one looks like a painting.  So beautiful!

It just goes to show that there is Beauty everywhere, if we just stop to notice!

Again, here's the wider shot that yielded some of the close-ups above. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Texture with Hole (and More Rust)

I haven't been posting many Photos or texture work lately.  Believe me, it's one of my abiding loves in this life!  I found these at my dad's place a few weeks ago.  I loved the juxtoposition of the "black hole" next to the swirly lush nebulae-y greens ...  and of course, the rust!

Same but different :

Things like this give me a chance to practice "seeing," to compose a shot.  
Here's a different view of the same subject :

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Beautiful Rusty Grunge : Encore

My husband was cleaning out the garage this wkd, and he found the old charcoal starter.  It was sitting  a pile on the driveway -- on it's way out, when I noticed the beautiful patterns.  I took a few pictures (which you see here).    I considered reclaiming it for rust dyeing--but the Rust Fairies did such nice work on it, I might keep it around to see what else they do with it!  It's kind of like Frost Patterns ...


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Beautiful Rusty Grunge : Texture Break


I have a confession : I love rust.  Where others see decay, I see beauty.  Good thing for living where I do!      This particular rust colony is from my brother's old Toyota Truck (Note the A below ...).  It was about 10 am on a Sunday morning near the Solstice, so the shadows add an extra dimension

The challenge is to get close enough to see a landscape or an abstract.  It gets to be kind of a game.


Saturday, June 18, 2016

Resurrection of Day at Loon Lake Quilt

I took this old project out of hibernation this weekend.  I only need to applique one more block (the blank space in the upper right corner) before I start stitching things down, and thread-painting.  I've taken a long enough break from it (8-10 years) that it's interesting again. 

The pattern is from Bee Creative.  

So this is what I'll be working on until I get tired of it again ...

Wedding Ring Quilt is Complete!

It's done!  Now I can call it "Kaylee's Wedding Ring" Quilt.  What an honor it has been to work on this little quilt for my Auntie Rosita.  She died before she could finish it for her grand-daughter's wedding this summer.

My mom and I gave it to Kalylee at her Wedding Shower this June.  We thought that would be better than the wedding so we could actually tell her about it.  You know how busy the bride is at her own wedding!

The amazing thing is that Kaylee looks a lot like Rosita did when she was young.  ;-)

Here it is in the gift box with a picture window top so she could see it even before she opened it.
She knew exactly what it was, too.

 She likes it! She likes it!

Auntie Rosita, me and my mom, Holly at Quilt Camp in 2009 (or so).
Farewell, Rosita!

For the record, here are all the posts about the this Wedding Ring Quilt :

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wedding Ring : Quilting the White Spaces

I'm so happy with the way this came out!  Not nearly so hard as I thought it was going to be.
It probably helped that Auntie Rosita was looking over my shoulder the whole time to give me directions--and reminding me not to sweat the small stuff.  She wouldn't!

Here's the motif I chose for the football shapes.  Above, you see it sized and traced onto Quilt (similar to tracing) Paper, then stitched down to the quilt.  This is just before I tore off the Quilt Paper.  The black lines are not visible on the finished quilt -- just made it easier for me to see the design as I stitched.

I tried doing this with the walking foot, but it was just too much turning and changing direction.  Much easier with the free-motion foot.  That was the way to go -- totally!

Here's the view from the back --nicely stitched in neutrals.


I decided to go with a simpler motif for the larger white spaces.  Heart Flower Squared Stencil from RGA Designs.  I stretched and morphed it a bit to make it fit the distorted square shape I had to fill.

I had a different one in mind, more loops and feathers, but finally decided it would be too much with the thread overlap.  Besides, I like sewing loop-de-loops. 

Here's the modified Heart Flower stencil traced onto the Quilt Paper, and beginning to stitch with the free-motion foot.  This went to smoothly and easily, I'm surprised it didn't take as long as it might have.  It helped that this was a simpler design with less overlapping stitched.  That also helps the quilt paper rip off easier.  With too many over-lapping stitches, I have to spend more time picking out the paper stuck underneath the stitches.   

Detail of the Quilt Paper Motif stitched onto the block, but not yet ripped off.
The black lines are only on the quilt paper, and make it easy for me to see where to stitch.
The black lines are not part of the finished quilt.

Here it is after ripping off the quilt paper.   So nice!

View from the back showing the completed quilting.   
But not yet washed.   I was a little concerned that some of the white X shapes had some fullness to them, but that tamped down and behaved nicely as soon as I quilted it down.

Detail of quilting on a single block from the back. 

Wider view of the quilting from the back.

The full quilt -- after washing it up.  That's when the fabrics and batting shrinks a bit.  The Hobbs 80/20 Cotton/Poly Batting gives such a beautiful crinkly antique look to it.  
That's why I love this particular batting!
My favorite moment is when it comes out the dryer after it's first wash-and-dry -- still warm and fluffed from the dryer.  You can see all that wonderful texture from the batting and fabrics settling into their final resting places.  The Ahhh moment!

Please indulge me some more pictures -- I'll be giving this one away in a few weeks, so I want to have a nice photo record.

Another view of the full quilt.  
Hard to see how nice it turned out from this distance.  That's why I'm including so many detail shots. 

Detail of the football knot motif.

This one shows off samples of the quilting on both the square and the football white spaces.

From the back.  

Ahh--I suspect the Bride will be pleased to have pieces of her Gramma in this one, even if someone else had to finish it.   ;-)

I remember when I got married, the quilts given at weddings from that generation of the family were just 2 pieces of fabric and some batting tied together with yarn.  Simple but functional, and still special.  When I got married in 1999, my own Gramma Matucheski was no longer able to sew, and off living in a nursing home by then.  As one of her last grandhildren from that generation, I didn't think I'd be getting one of Gramma's quilts, but My Auntie Marge came to the rescue.  She made a quilt for us from Gramma.  It's on our bed right now -- slept under it last night, even.   ;-)