Monday, October 27, 2008


I recently entered the new age by purchasing an Mp3 player--I realized it needed it's own little carrying case (No, I still don't have a cell phone ...) to keep all the parts together.

The blue and white one in front is made from white cotton fabric that I dyed with Indigo a few summers ago. (Yes, I actually did start up an Indigo dye pot that summer!) The pattern is a Shibori pole-wrapping method that comes out looking like rain, or water. Very pleasing! The cord is machine-stitched yarns wrapped together until I was happy with it.

The two baggettes in back are made from recycled ties purchased at the local thrift store. The basic pattern instructions from Sulky are here--but I modified it to add a second pocket. The cord that connects to the computer kept falling out at inopportune times. So now, it has it's own little compartment and tends to stay put. A smart adaptation!

Stencils & Stamps

Well--I've made some progress on the Fiber & Form Class. I made a few stencils and stamps ... The stencils are made out of paperboard (all that packaging is good for something!). The stamps are made of stick-backed foam.

These will all be used to add molding paste and texture to prepared canvas and muslin ... I just need to get back down to the basement in daylight for that operation ... Stay tuned!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fibre -in-Form class on Textured Surface Design starts Oct 17th

Lynda Monk (aka Purple Missus) and Carol McFee (Textile Tales) create the most wonderful textured surfaces. And now they are offering an online class through Fibre-in-Form on how they do what they do ...

I'm really looking forward to this opportunity to learn some of their techniques. Stay tuned. I should have lots of samples to share in the coming weeks ... I'm hoping some of these will be suitable for journal covers.