Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Texture Tuesday : Magnificent Grunge Work Horse

Magnificent Grunge Work Horse [aka "The Tinker Horse"]
[Click on the image for a larger view.]

This magnificent piece of sculpture stands in downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  This huge rusty draft horse is made entirely of recycled metal parts.  Gears, chains, wire, shovel heads ...  It's amazing!  The longer we looked it, we discovered new things incorporated into it.  It's a beauty to behold!  We were mesmerized by it.  It also says a lot about horses being replaced by "iron mules" when tractors came into use.  My dad even talks about what a revolution that was in farming.  You didn't have to feed a tractor through Winter, or stop working when it was tired.   Still, there's a beauty and a nostalgia about horses -- even work horses.  Maybe that's why we think of the winter sleigh ride with the neighbor's Clydesdales as such a treat!

I tried to find out who the artist was--there was no title card near it on the street.  Anyone out there in blogland know the sculpture artist?

I love-love-love the way this turned out! : No wonder with my love affair with grunge and rust.   This feels so much more comfortable for me than the flowers posted last week.  If I have a personal style, this is probably it.
Photo Processing on this Image:
Layer 1 : Background Image
Layer 2 : Copy Background Image - remove Security Camera in Right upper corner
Layer 3: Copy Layer 2 - Soft Light Blend Mode - 50% opacity
Layer 4 :  Kerstin Frank Texture - Multiply - 48% - masked off of horse
Layer 5 : 2LO Junkyard2 28 Texture - Multiply - 52% - masked off horse
Layer 6 : Polaroid 5 - Screen - 78% (added last as a frame)
Layer 7 : Kim Klassen Beekeeper Texture - Soft Light - 74%
Layer 8 : Copy Layer 7 - Multiply - 63%
Layer 9 : 2LO Relic 17 Texture - Soft Light - 45%

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Texture Tuesday A Dream is a Wish ...

I've had this photo for a few years now, not quite sure what to do with it--until now!  I woke up with this old Disney princess song in my head., and it suddenly clicked with this pic ...  and then the flourishes -- Obsidian Dawn and Kim Klassen's original Flourish and the subtle magic texture.

Photo Processing Recipe
Layer 1) Background - cropped
Layer 2) Copy Layer 1 - Screen blend mode - 19% opacity
Layer 3) Text - Tangerine Font
Layer 4) Obsidian Dawn Brush Flourish under text
Layer 5) Kim Klassen's Flourish Texture - Flipped - Multiply 27%
Layer 6) Kim Klassen's Flourish Magic Texture - Screen 16%
Layer 7) Color Fill Frame - Soft Light - 38%

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Texture Tuesday : Spinning Out of Nothingness

The obligatory summer carnival pic ...   All those centripetal and centrifugal forces of the rides made doing physics story problems fun, back in high school and college.   You could actually FEEL the forces and see farther than you could on the ground.   Oh to be young and feeling all those new experiences!  Not to mention practical applications for math.

The spinning motion of this ride made me think of this Rumi quote ...  the process of being born, in motion, shiny and new.  Creation is not for the faint of heart : It is active work!

Click on the image to see a larger version.  Details get lost when it's small-ified = Disappointing.  The original BIG version is really neat, especially with the added texture.   Bluer and more textured. 

Photo Processing Recipe:
1) Background image
2) Coffee Shop Vignette Action (added after Vintagram 2 below)
3) Coffee Shop Vintagram 2 Action (tweaked settings)
4) Kim Klassen's Oceanside Texture - Multiply blend mode at 39% opacity
5) Text - Rumi quote with Tangarine Font

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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Texture Tuesday : French Country Breakfast Still Life

This is one that seems to have lost a lot in the process of re-sizing for the Web.  The original looks so much richer, textured and much more interesting.

In France on this last trip, we stayed in a small country hotel for a few days.   We were there for a family wedding, and this part of France was not known for tourism.  Just real everyday people/everyday scenes in France.   The woman who ran/owned the hotel was also the town mayor, and the person who did civil marriage ceremonies.  She did not do the Church wedding ceremony, however.  It was a small town, and she had a lot of jobs there.  

This is the scene that greeted us one morning at breakfast.  Some scenes just present themselves ...  Glad I had my camera along!

For what it's worth, here's the recipe :
Layer 1) Background image
Layer 2) "15" Texture by ??? ; Multiply Blend Mode at 35% opacity
Layer 3) Golden Contralto Texture ; Soft Light 85%
Layer 4) 2LO 1(4) Texture ; Soft Light 24%
Layer 5) My own Sweet Leaf Texture France 9891 ; Soft Light 65%
Layer 6) Kim Klassen Chalk Magic Texture ; Screen 20%
Layer 7) Hue Saturation adjustment (to tone down the too bright green of the leaves)

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Texture Tuesday : Good Night Iguana

Good Night Iguana : Lyon Lizard 3
Layer 1) Background image
Layer 2) An old Free Texture Friday Texture from StockVault - Multiply 85%
Copied the layer mask from version 2 (below)
Layer 3) Copy Layer 2 - Soft Light 30%
Layer 4) Color Fill Frame - Soft Light 61%

I think this is my favorite one of the three.  It makes Mr Lizard look like he has a sky full of stars behind him.  Oh what a difference a texture makes!

I was trying to make the spines on his back stand out a bit more, but I couldn't quite do it.  The brushes are round, and the magic wand tool, kept taking more than I wanted.  Hard to follow the outline of the spines, so I finally gave up on that. 

Lyon Lizard - Version 1
Layer 1) Background Image
Layer 2) KK Sissy Texture - Multiply Blend Mode; 89% opacity
50% brushed off the Lizard's face
Layer 3) Color Fill Frame ; Soft Light - 61%

Lyon Lizard - Version 2
Layer 1) Background Image
Layer 2) 2LO Junkyard 14 Texture (smoothed out a bit) - 
Multiply Blend Mode; 100% opacity
50% brushed off the Lizard's face
Layer 3) Color Fill Frame ; Soft Light - 61%
I tried layering these textures but they both wanted to dominate, so I did each one separately.  
I couldn't decide which one I liked better so I'm presenting all three.

"Here's lookin' at you, Kid!"
Here's the original Lizard pic.  

Christian's cousin has a wonderful old stone apartment in Lyon, France,  along the river with shade trees on the terrace outside their windows.  This building must have been there in the Middle Ages, or earlier.  There is wonderful reflected light all over the city -- even with the buildings so close together, you'd think it would be dark and miserable.  On the contrary, it's a warm and inviting light.

Their apartment has all kinds of very interesting decor -- like this Iguana lizard statue. 

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