Saturday, October 07, 2006


I had seen journal quilts like this in Chicago, and wondered how thry were done ... Then I stumbled across Quilt University on the Internet. They were offering an online class in it over the summer. I was intrigued : How would an online quilt class work? (Remarkably well, actually!)

We pieced a starry night background. Each starburst/firworks has a bright patch at it's center. Then we thread painted back and forth and back and forth. 1 starburst typically took about 45 minutes to complete.

I used a variety of metallic and embroidery threads (had to buy some new ones to add to my stash, too!)

Tips on working with metallic threads :
1) Sew a little slower. The heat and friction can break these delicate fibers ...
2) Use a metafil needle, or a #14 topstitch needle. These have larger eyes that are easier on the threads.

For the sparkle, we were supposed to add sequins and beads ... I don't have the patience for hand-work, so I went the hot-fix route and used iron-on crystals. It's too bad the sparkle doesn't come through on this photo ... It's better in person!Posted by Picasa


amyd said...

I am so impressed with your beautiful quilts!!! I especially love the kids at the seashore and the fireworks. You have a talent for painting masterpieces with fabric and thread. What kind of machine do you have?

-Amy, Mande's friend :-)

amyd said...

Thanks for the link to Quilting University. Upon reviewing the similar examples from the link, I have to say that your's is better. Because you used a thin border, the fireworks seem to explode off the quilt. Also, your choice of background fabrics (that look like the night sky) more clearly supported the theme. Great work! And inspirational. I just may dig out that quilt top I made a decade ago and do the quilting now.