Sunday, March 18, 2007

Iris Folding

I recently attended the 6th Annual Sewing Expo at the Fox Valley Technical College here in Oshkosh, WI. One of the classes I attended was a 1-hour session with Fiber Artist Joellyn Quinn on Iris Folding. In less than one hour, attendees created the following 2 samples (Actual size is about 2-1/2 inches square) :

Log Cabin Sample in Fabric

Log Cabin Sample in Paper

It was remarkably fun and fast! And you can see the obvious ties to quilting ... The small size makes it perfect for a greeting cards or scrapbooking. I can see this having potential for postcards, too.

Here are a few more sites on Iris Folding :
Iris Folding Gallery at HGtv

Iris Folding Design Gallery

Tutorial on Iris Folding

Templates for Iris Folding


Anonymous said...

Michelle, someone forwarded the link to your blog and I am so happy you enjoyed the Iris Folding class. It is so fun and easy and people really love receiving these "quilted" cards. Congratultions on the award--your quilt is awesome! Joellyn Quinn

Fiona said...

Iris folding has only just started to take off over here in the UK, I think your log patterns are fantastic, Please keep up your blog as i find this Iris folding very addictive

OBXdreaming said...

I have been doing Iris Folding on cards. I just got a sewing machine from Santa and I want to learn to do IF with a sewing machine. How different is the two? Where could I learn to do this? I have not used my machine yet, so I want to learn to do something easy. Thanks,

Inbal Weisman said...

Great idea!
I linked to your post in a post I have just made: said...

Those are just adorable. I thought of using fabric for iris piecing right away because it reminds me of paper piecing. Is that how these were put together? I'd love some more info; I haven't been able to find any tips or hints on the web.