Saturday, October 20, 2007

4-Patch Stacked Posey Sample Blocks

I started working on a 4-Patch Stacked Posey quilt. Last weekend, I got the squares cut out.

Here's a pic of the overall fabric and pattern for this quilt :

I am easily amused : It never ceases to amaze me how these 4 squares come together in such different patterns, depending on the orientation of the blocks and what elements get highlighted or show-cased.

Here are 4 layout options for the same block :

Depending on what's in the middle, something else always stands out. Even the gray "empty" areas have interesting things happening in them with this fabric.

I'm not even doing any sewing on these yet. It's so darn relaxing to come home after a long day at work using my brain for words and ideas--to come home and start working on something VISUAL like which layout option I like best.

I start out with one orientation (this is a new sample square) :
That looks pretty good ...
But I have to see what the other options might be possible (What am I missing if I don't at least try?), so I turn each of the blocks 90 degrees to the right

Layout#2 : This one is okay ...
Let's see what else might be in store:

Gotta try option #3 : Nah. I'm not crazy about this one.

Option #4 : Wow! Never would I have expected that green wreath in the middle. And I like how the gray swirl moves the eye to the corners. I think this one wins!

It's a whole different part of my brain that gets exercised when I step into my sewing room. The Kaleidescope and 4-patch posey quilts manage to keep my interest. I want to know what the next block will look like. The exciting thing for me is that every block is different, but still fits so well into the overall color scheme. When I'm doing a regular quilt with so many of the exact same blocks, I tend to get really bored with doing the same thing over and over again. Those projects get started and put away because I need a break from the monotony. I think that's why I sort of headed towards art quilts over traditional quilting.

With upwards of 52 4-patch blocks, I'm keeping the chosen layouts separated with sheets of paper (you can sort of see the stacked sheets above)--until I can sit down at the machine and sew them. I don't want to have to shift gears and go into design mode when I'm ready to sew-sew-sew.

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Anonymous said...

Great photos and explanation. Simple but clear. Thanks--can't wait to try this. Sharon