Monday, December 01, 2008

Fiber-in-Form Class : Ink and Bleach Samples

I finally have something to post for the Fiber-in-Form class! This is a sampling of the ink and bleach texture chapter ...

Samples 1-3 Couched, yarns, strings, etc.
Pretty homely stuff, huh? Hang on--this is only the beginning!

Step 2 : Samples 1-3, whitewashed

Step 3 : Samples 1-3, "Inked" with black and Bronze Dye (no salt, no soda)
some Moon Shadow Ink, too

Step 4 : Samples 1-3, brushed lightly with bleach

Step 5 : Samples 1-3, Glitz added with Moon Shadow Mists and Paint Stiks

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