Monday, December 28, 2009

Journals : Pay It Forward (or Paying Homage)

With the proceeds from my day vending at the craft sale a few weeks ago, I purchased a couple of original hand-made journals from artist Elis Cook.

Aren't these luscious? I love-love-love the texture she adds to her collaged journal covers. And look at the script along the binding. She talks about creating your own alphabet here. Very interesting idea. Neat! It looks like Arabic, or something ...

Here's a link to her etsy shop. You can purchase an Elis Cook hand-crafted journal of your very own.

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Purple Missus said...

Love that top one Michele, just my colours.
Have been catching up with blogs in the past few days something I have sadly let slip the past few months, but which I aim to rectify this year.
Thanks so much for giving us a great review on your blog. Your 'Simply Salt' pieces are wonderful. I'm certainly going to give Procion dye a go.
I had to smile too at your 'jig'. I have a similar one in my workroom that I got my DH to make for me several years ago and quite often I have looked at it and wondered what on earth it was for as I just couldn't remember - and now I know. *LOL*
Have a happy, healthy and creative 2010.
Take care