Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rust-Dyed and Printed Messenger Bag

My friend J. was visiting at the end of July, on her way to ID to start her dream job as a wildlife biologist flying her own plane, tracking animals with radio collars (among many other things!). She will be paid to do what she loves best -- Fly! You can tell how proud I am of her--and I'm not even her mother! ;-)

She left her "Iron Bitch Pilot" messenger bag for me to rust dye. She designed the IBP patch for a group of female pilots she likes to hang out with. They realized they liked to talk about flying WITHOUT men around, and the IBP was born.

This is the bag soaked in vinegar solution, wrapped around rusty objects and left to marinate in the sun for several days. It's always a surprise to see what you'll get!

This is a favorite rusty trivet that I had hoped would leave an imprint on the front of the bag ... It left some rusty streaks but no visible outlines. So I moved on to Plan B and used some fabric paint to make the impressions :

I know J will add her own marks to this bag as well. I'll be mailing it off to her on Saturday. ;-)


Vicki W said...

That's very cool!

Anonymous said...

As I was traveling west I stopped for a short visit in Wisconsin to visit my good friend Michele. I'm sure you have all heard me mention her from time to time. While visiting I ended up leaving the brand new IBP bag that Kristy had handed to me as I climbed into the plane at Dooneys. You see, Michele is an explorer of fabrics with an uncanny eye for pattern. Dye work is one of her ongoing hobbies. I had left the bag with the intention that she would do some cool dyeing to it. What would result was a surprise to me.

I hope to get it tomorrow in the mail. Ha! I will be the envy of IBP's everywhere!

Thanks M!

phlegmfatale said...

LOVE it! Beautifully executed embellishments. Clever girl.