Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Texture Tuesday : Magnificent Grunge Work Horse

Magnificent Grunge Work Horse [aka "The Tinker Horse"]
[Click on the image for a larger view.]

This magnificent piece of sculpture stands in downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  This huge rusty draft horse is made entirely of recycled metal parts.  Gears, chains, wire, shovel heads ...  It's amazing!  The longer we looked it, we discovered new things incorporated into it.  It's a beauty to behold!  We were mesmerized by it.  It also says a lot about horses being replaced by "iron mules" when tractors came into use.  My dad even talks about what a revolution that was in farming.  You didn't have to feed a tractor through Winter, or stop working when it was tired.   Still, there's a beauty and a nostalgia about horses -- even work horses.  Maybe that's why we think of the winter sleigh ride with the neighbor's Clydesdales as such a treat!

I tried to find out who the artist was--there was no title card near it on the street.  Anyone out there in blogland know the sculpture artist?

I love-love-love the way this turned out! : No wonder with my love affair with grunge and rust.   This feels so much more comfortable for me than the flowers posted last week.  If I have a personal style, this is probably it.
Photo Processing on this Image:
Layer 1 : Background Image
Layer 2 : Copy Background Image - remove Security Camera in Right upper corner
Layer 3: Copy Layer 2 - Soft Light Blend Mode - 50% opacity
Layer 4 :  Kerstin Frank Texture - Multiply - 48% - masked off of horse
Layer 5 : 2LO Junkyard2 28 Texture - Multiply - 52% - masked off horse
Layer 6 : Polaroid 5 - Screen - 78% (added last as a frame)
Layer 7 : Kim Klassen Beekeeper Texture - Soft Light - 74%
Layer 8 : Copy Layer 7 - Multiply - 63%
Layer 9 : 2LO Relic 17 Texture - Soft Light - 45%

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abrianna said...

That horse is neat. Your texture complements it beautifully.

Beverly said...

Wow, this is amazing and a wonderful piece of art! Great processing on it! Beautiful work Michele!

Denise Fabian said...

Some of the most beautiful grunge I've ever seen...your texture work completes it!

Michele Matucheski said...

Thank you for stopping by my corner of the web. How can you NOT love grunge when you see a work of art like this horse? I was in LOVE! Glad you see it, too!

Carmel said...

Great editing of your wonderful image.