Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Texture Tuesday : Pick More Daisies

Photo Processing Layer by Layer :
Layer 1) Background Image - cement cleaned up, smoothed out
Layer 2) Copy Background Image - Soft Light 38%
Layer 3) 2LO Junkyard 25 - Soft Light 37%
Layer 4) 2LO 1 - Soft Light 100%
Layer 5) Kim Klassen's Rest Texture - Soft Light 21%
Layer 6) Kim Klassen's Karla Texture - Soft Light 38%
Layer 7) Kim Klassen's Wonderful Magic Texture - Screen 100%
Layer 8) Kim Klassen's Chalk Magic Texture - Soft Light 18%
Layer 9) Text - CK Ali's Hand Font - Multiply 76%

Here's the original image I started with.
Taken in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where they were having a Latin Fest and where I purchased the very well-made sun hat.  My Old Friend, J, bought me some flowers to go with it. ;-)

Sharing with The Texture Artists FaceBook Group and Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday.

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Viv@within the Frame said...

Beautiful I love the pop of colour

cheryl said...

I love the hat...and the wonderful color brightens up my very dull day here...
Have a lovely week.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the hat, and the crop! Gorgeous Michelle! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Marilyn said...

What a lovely image. I like the bright sunny flower in the hat juxtaposed against the cold cement.