Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dreams and Memories by Firelight : Texture Tuesday

Kind of a nostalgic picture for me.  That winter, my husband and kid built a Quinzhee (kind of like an igloo, but not).  The kid really enjoyed it and treated it like a fort.  He was allowed to bring matches and candles into the quinzhee ...   I took this picture and I almost deleted it as a failed picture--but now I kinda like it.  It came up naturally with certain effects we try to add by other means.

It's got that warm firelight texture and the dreamy blur of memory ...   It kind of looks like  he's riding a flying carpet with mountains behind him.   Added Kim Klassen's Appreciate Texture.

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sarah said...

wonderful picture, I'm so glad you didn't delete it!

EarlK said...

It's amazing how an image can bring back such great memories and give a push to your imagination. I am glad it was not a reject photo.