Thursday, May 19, 2016

Wedding Ring Quilt on The Basting Boards

All Wound Up.

This one is being posted out-of-order.  I actually did these steps BEFORE I could quilt the rings.

It's just such a wonderfully colorful and scrappy quilt.  Here I am winding it onto the basting boards.  This quilt was enveloped, so it doesn't need a traditional binding.

I wanted to set out the proper order of the layers for enveloping a quilt, because it's easy to get it wrong (as me how I know, and how I spent a perfectly good afternoon un-sewing ...)

Layer 1 (bottom layer) : Batting - Free-floating
Layer 2 (middle layer) : Backing - Right side up
Layer 3 (top layer) :  Quilt Top - Right-side down
     In other words, the top and backing are right sides together, on top of the batting.

Baste all 3 layers.
Sew the edges, leaving an opening to turn it inside out.
Trim the edges so they are all even.
Turn it inside out.
Stitch the turning opening shut
Top-stitch the edges to reinforce the enveloped binding.
Baste and Quilt as desired.

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