Monday, May 15, 2017

Long Exposure : Week 20 Let's Do 52

Long Exposure

I realize Denise might have been trying to get us to work with the settings on our cameras and literally try some long exposure with this prompt ...  I also know how much she appreciates old and abandoned sites, as she finds some wonderful textures there.

I took a walk this wkd and found this barn, long-exposed to the elements.  As you can see, it is not aging well.  No one is taking care of it anymore.  No one can afford to.  I'm sure the next time I go by, it will have completely collapsed, or been bulldozed to make way for a new home.

Photo Processing :
Layer 1) Old Barn Pic
Layer 2) Jerry Jones Texture Photo Grunge #4 - Multiply 100% (to fix the blown out sky)
Layer 3) Copy Layer 2 - Overlay 43% (to brighten it up a bit)

Here's another -- more stormier version.  The main difference is a purple stormy texture :

I am participating in Denise Love's 2017 "Let's Do 52 : 52 Weeks of Photo Prompts" to kick start the lull in my photography.   If you'd like to join us, find out more at the link above.  The more the merrier!

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The Idaho Beauty said...

LOVE this one. And I DID spend some time trying to figure out what your long exposure setting on your camera had done to the subject, before reading that you were going for a different kind of long exposure. :-)