Monday, January 01, 2007

Oliver is complete!

Here's the final Oliver portrait quilt.

You'll notice that it is not properly squared up. This was an intentional choice. I wanted to keep the sky "bigger" and not cut off the bubble on the right. These choices were also somewhat dictated by how much material I had for some of the background pieces--I just didn't have any more for some of these fabrics.

The "Little Blankie" at his knees was made of scraps from another blanket I had made for Oliver.

The Bubble Bottle - Detail :

The beads on the bottle are sewn on by hand (that only took 4 hours! I'm not a beader ...) The beads in the flowers are the iron-on Hot-Fix Swarofski (sp?) crystals. You can also see some of the thread-painting in the folds of his shirt here.

When I did cut this piece down to the trim size, my family and I experienced an unexpected grief. He's been on my design wall and growing for the past 2 years. It's a bit sad to see him get smaller. Sigh!


Vicki W said...

Michele, Thanks for pointing me to your blog! It's very nice and this piece is lovely!

Anonymous said...

I just took a look at your blog, and saw your boy with a bubble quilt. I take a lot of classes at QU. I remember when this was in the gallery. You may not believe this, but I voted for this one in one of those contests they held! I thought you did a fabulous job on it! Still don't know how you did that bubble!!

Jacquelyn said...

What an amazing quilt! The detail, the precision, and his amazing bubble, your skills surpass us all. How lucky I was to see him at the EAA Gathering. What a thrill!
Congratulations on a fabulous creation. I look forward to seeing your next creation.