Saturday, April 28, 2007

Inspiration in Stained Glass : Part 1

These are some photos I took on our trip to France this Spring. These are some of the stained glass windows from the Romanesque church in Orcival, France. Look like anything a quilter might recognize and appreciate?

It makes me wonder how the stained-glass artisans and the quilters influenced each other through the years ... They were probably all sleeping under the same quilts! Too bad textiles don't tend to last as long as stained glass! I'd love to see quilts from this period, too!

Orcival is a tiny village in The Massif Centrale (sparsely populated highlands of eastern-central France). It's amazing that such a small village has such a fantastic and historical church right there. The outside was covered in scaffolding (Jacqueline's curse for this trip), or I'd show you the outside, too.

Here's a shot of Orcival :

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