Saturday, August 30, 2008

When the Student is Ready, the Teacher will Appear!

This is a picture of the 2nd piece done on my little table loom. I used a black warp cotton thread with a soft acrylic yarn for weft. The weaving is easy--It's the warping that can be a bigger challenge!

Last month, I brought my little table loom to my Art Quilt / Fiber Arts Group. There was a new person there who actually has a degree in Fiber Arts from a school in North Carolina. She has a floor loom and showed us some of her beautiful pieces. One combined loosely woven wool with cool glass beads for bling. It was beautiful! In the 3-4 years I've been a member of this group, I've never known anyone else to weave there ... The timing is PERFECT!

What's more--She has Newfie dog! My own Maggie is a Newfie-mix (we think). The wool from this dog is softer than Merino. Lynda has been felting it with other fibers.

This weekend, I went to visit her at home to see her floor loom (which is not portable). To watch someone operate a large loom like this is like watching someone play a pipe organ with all the pedals and parts. So many strings to keep track of! And she does it!

She was also very encouraging about what I'll be able to do on my little table loom. There are many possibilities. I look forward to more projects on it, and to working with Lynda.

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