Monday, July 27, 2009

Rust Dyeing : Another Go-Round

I pulled out the rust-dyed items I did last summer. At the time, I was really disappointed with them. Now--with the perspective of 1 year later, I have a different point of view. They are (for the most part) subtle, but ok.

I decided I would give it one more try before I totally give up on this. I really want to get results similar to Lynda's gorgeous pieces at Purple Missus.

I bought the Rust-Tex CD-Rom from Lois Jarvis, along with some rust dust, and rust flakes. Although--armed with the CD, I now also have the knowledge to make my own. I also bought some ferrous sulphate from a natural dye supplier in Missouri--so I will try the Purple Missus recipe again, as well. Part of my problem last summer may have been not having the correct form of iron sulphate fertilizer.

I also purchased some cast iron trivets and garden decs at an excellent sale at Hobby Lobby last spring. I'm hoping (once I rough them up and they begin rusting) that these will offer some nice image transfers.

Preliminary results look promising.
* Rust-Tex Trees with steel wool
I'll leave this to "develop" for a few more days. It looks good so far!

My husband is wondering why I continue to pursue this. Why can't I just chalk it up to a failed experiment and go on to techniques that work better for me ... Because this should be fool-prrof! I am determined to have some success with rusting technique.

Stay tuned ...


Doreen K. said...

Can't wait to see how this latest rusting comes out. I have not had very good luck rust dying. Maybe I should just get that CD too. Love your clay medallions, beautiful colors.

Lois Jarvis said...

The Rust-Tex Trees do look promising!!! and I should know.
Lynda's rust dying technique involves lye. I don't do that but she you are right she sure got gorgeous results.