Sunday, August 02, 2009

Rust Dyeing Results : Round 2

Last week, I made another attempt at Rust Dyeing. I'm happy to report SUCCESS with Lois Jarvis' Rust Tex Techniques.

Pictured above is the "brewing" Rust-Tex Trees (wrapped around the soda bottle) and Storm Clouds (in the rusty cookie tin).

This is how the Stoem Clouds came out :

Encouraging results. I think it could use another go-round for a few more storm clouds.
The rusty tin left the orange marks in strategic spots.

Here are the Rust-Tex Trees left to "brew" for about 5 days. :

Detail of the Rust-Tex Trees after being washed. I like the water-color effect here.

This was from a piece of steel wool rolled up in fabric. This is how it looked when I unwrapped it. These large June-bug type beetles appeared. They lost some of their gray-green colors as it dried and set, though.

This is how it washed up :

Detail of the Beetles after washing up.

I will experiment more with some of these techniques. Thanks Lois!


Jill said...

these are gorgeous! much more dramatic than my first efforts!


Doreen K. said...

I like these the best. You got some fabulous rust pieces.