Sunday, August 30, 2009

An Earthy Departure : Ned Plates

In June, we were in PA visiting CL's relatives. His cousin happens to be Ned Folz of Folz Pottery in Reinholz, PA. That day in June, Ned and his lovely wife Gwen were hosting a studio day where they invite the public in to design a plate. Ned provides a wet clay plate covered with a traditional yellow wash. The scraffito (sp?) technique requires the maker to scratch off the yellow not wanted. When it's they way you want it, Ned will fire it, and you can come back to get your plate at a later date.

I did the Toes Like Crunchy Peas at the top of this post.

Oliver did his rendition of fighting dragons (below) in honor of Dungeons & Dragons. CL added the chain link border. Oliver thinks someday he'll be a potter in his spare time like I'm a quilter.

Here is the family : CL's dad, Ned, Romaine, Gwen, and CL.

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