Monday, September 07, 2009

Dharma Blues (and Greens and Purples)

My friend, Lynda and I went in on a big Dharma order. Together, we ordered several 8-oz. jars of the basic mixing colors. By splitting these ourselves, (we each get 4-oz), we figure we're getting 4-oz for the 2-oz price. This way, we also split the shipping costs as well. $15 shipping looks a lot better than $30!

Along with the new dyes, I also stocked up on fabric to dye, including 2 "blank" dresses.

On Friday, I thought I had a plan for both of them, but on Saturday, I felt struck with "dyer's block:" so many colors--so many options. I wanted these dresses to come out as something I'd actually be comfortable wearing, not mud.

I finally decided on some colors : Teal Blue, Leaf Green, and Purple squirted onto a "lumpy pancake" crinkle rayon dress that had been soaked in soda ash water :

Here's the 2nd dress in Teal Blue and Sky Blue :

I thought I'd have to do some alterations on these dresses, they were just a little too big before I washed and dyed them. They shrank to just about the right size. Hurray! Would you believe this long dress is easy to bike in?

Yeah--I know my parents are saying I'm some kind of Flower Child from the 60s.


Vicki W said...

Not only are they cute and colorful, they look incredibly comfortable!

Judi said...

Those turned out great!!

Karen said...

I love how the dresses turned out. I adore the purples, greens and blues so these look really yummy to me. Nice to have a friend to split dyes and shipping costs with.