Thursday, October 08, 2009

Preparing for Quilt Camp : Project Kits

I've been putting together project kits to work on at Quilt Camp this weekend. This Quilter's Retreat is sponsored by my local Quilt Guild, Lakeside Quilters. It's being held at a camp in Lake Lucerne, WI. I've never been there, but hope to see some gorgeous fall color next to the lake. I also would like to get to know some of my fellow guild members better. I expect there to be a lot of laughter this weekend. Thanks to Laura R. for organizing it all!

Planning out the kits like this forces me to think about all the extra supplies I'll need from quilting paper to threads to needles (Yes, you need different needles for free-motion embroidery vs. piecing vs. quilting). There's a lot to this hobby!

Here's what I have planned so far :
Project 1 :
Spools Quilt made with Bali 2-1/2-inch strips

This is Brenda Henning's first Strip Therapy Book. The quilt on the cover is called "Mood Swing," but I like referring to it as Spools instead.
Tip : Take time to make the template. It really does make things easier!

I'm planning to use a set of strips like this one sold as Bali 2-1/2-inch strip collection at Keepsake Quilting :

Here's the first "test" block :

Pretty simple, and it looks like the blocks on the cover. Good signs!
"Look, Ma! The points match!"

Project 2 : Annie's Wicked Easy Quilt in Blue

Looks similar to the Yellow Brick Road Pattern, but different. (I have a color scheme in mind for that pattern someday, too!)

This is the fabric set I'll be using :

Keepsake Quilting's Blue and White Scrap Bag--plus a few extra blue fabrics.

Here's the first "test" block for this project :

(Pardon my rippling design wall. The block is more square than it appears here.)
Looks pretty good, otherwise. More good signs!

Project 3 : Quilting CL's Millifiore Quilt

This one depends on how much room I'll have to push around a lap sized quilt for quilting on my little domestic home sewing machine. I have in mind a swirly pattern that will flow over the "flower" blocks. I'm hoping I'll have more room than I have at home ... We'll see on this one. I'll bring the stuff anyway. Swirls may be too ambitious ... We'll see.

Project 4 : Weekend Messenger Bag

I made a similar bag 25 years ago when I was in high school. I used an old flour/sugar sack. It's been more durable than you would think and has served me well, but after 25 years, it needs to be retired. This way I'll be able to procure a new one.

Project 5 : Fabric Post Cards
Spooky Jack-o-Lanterns?

Certain projects work better than others at Quilt Camp.
Here are some things I've learned to avoid :
* No space for a design wall, so layout may be better done (and mulled over) at home. That's why I'll be putting blocks together, but I don't think I'll get any quilt-tops together at Quilt Camp.
* Lots of fussy fusible applique can be difficult if you're up and down and back and forth to the ironing board for little pieces. Again, this project may be better done at home when you can be closer to the iron, and not in someone else's way --- unless you have a kit where all your fabrics have been pre-selected. Maybe I'll bring a fusible applique project anyway ...

Now to pull everything together ... I can't wait!

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