Sunday, January 24, 2010

Composed Fabric : Mardi Gras

I made this composed fabric by using the scraps from trimming and sizing up the Spools blocks, along with thread tails and other scraps. See it pays to keep all those scraps for a rainy day!

Here's the basic technique :
1) Lay out a base fabric. It can be anything, ugly or not. It will be covered up with scraps and snippets anyway.
2) Sprinkle the snippets, scraps, yarns, threads, whatever, onto the base fabric. Arrange them however you please.
3) Cover with a layer of netting. In this case, I used black. Pin baste it.
4) Free-motion stitch all the layers together.
Voila! I have a groovy background for ATCs, fabric post cards, blog banners, or anything else I want to do with it. Maybe even a journal cover ...

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