Sunday, May 02, 2010

Lake Fly Post Card

I've been wanting to try thread sketching ever since I started tracking Karen M's work at Rabbits Eat Quilts. She does some marvelous work!

Every year around Mother's Day, the Lake Flies hatch around Lake Winnebago, WI. I happen to live just 1 block from the Lake. This year the Lake Flies came early ... They look like a mosquito, except they don't bite. They don't even have mouths. They just hatch, mate, lay eggs, and die 2 days later. For 7-10 days, there are millions of them around the Lake. It's such a huge cloud that it shows up on weather radar! This hatch seems to be ebbing -- thankfully!


Karen M said...

That is both very cool, and very disturbing! Nice work.

Karen S said...

I'm with Karen M-- it's life-size, isn't it? We grow 'em big up here in WI.