Saturday, August 28, 2010

Felted Geode Pin Cushion

At Conversations-in-Cloth this month, our resident felter and fiber artist taught us how to make felted geodes that can be used for pin cushions. She brought a great pile of hand-dyed wool that was heaped up on the center table. We picked the colores we liked, layers them, and "worked" it into a ball.

This is my geode put back together. Just like real geodes, it has kind of a humble shell. The most exciting part of the evening was when we cut them open at the end of the night to reveal the patterns and colors within. Ooohh! Ahhh!


Edie said...

What did you use to cut them open so you get a smooth cut?


Michele Matucheski said...

As I recall, we had some regular kitchen knives there. Some straight and some serated--depending on the effect you were looking for. It was kind of like cutting an orange in half.