Monday, June 06, 2011

In the Tornado's Path : Sketchbook Challenge : Pathways

Materials : Neocolor 2 water color Crayons
Blending many colors is the key to richness in these pages. The Tornado is not just black, but gray and blue (several shades). I tend to keep the shapes simple, letting the colors add complexity.
I also used the hard tip of a paint brush (not the brush end) and "drew" scribbles on the white of the page, to add a lower spots where the crayons would not penetrate. You can see the scribbly swirls around the tornado column that resisted the color. (Leftover from last month's theme.)

May has been a particularly bad month for Tornadoes. Like everyone else in the Midwest, I feel it, too. I think most of us have had to go down to the basement, or hide under a desk at some time in our lives to let the storm pass. I must be working out some terrors with this one ...

This is the page just after I colored it with the Neocolor 2 watercolor crayons. Not so impressive at this stage, is it? Just a little water and the colors blend and deepen. I love these crayons!

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