Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thread Lust

I purchased this Sulky Blendables Threadbox at this week. YUM!

Doing those little journal quilts, I'm realizing I don't have the stash of threads I would like. I bought some varigated sets in rayon a while back, but the colors just don't seem to go with anything at all. The rayon now, only a few years old, breaks easily. The colors they tended to throw together in the early days of varigated threads just seemed to clash. This set look more practical. I can't wait to see these new threads in real life!


Vicki W said...

Thanks for the tip to check out! I found a 10-pack of replacement Olfa blades for a great price!

Michele at Sweet Leaf said...

They came! They are absolutely lovely! I did the math, and it comes out to $2.30 per spool. Some of the spools I bought single had price tags on them of $5 and $6 each! It was a good deal--and I intend to use them!