Monday, July 04, 2011

Red Barn Table Runner

I made this table runner with some extra blocks from the Unca Ray Quilt. In June, I met a woman from Racine County who restored her family's barn. She even has one of those painted wooden quilts on the side. I know she'll appreciate this little gift out of the blue.

Read more about Racine County Quilts on Barns here.

Meanwhile, the quilt top for Unca Ray is all squared up with zippers attached and ready for the Tin Lizzie. I even have the quilting motif/panto picked out. I still need to pick up a black poly batting, and reserve a Saturday on the long arm. It always amazes me that it can take a full day of preparation just to get ready for the long arm. But it's all worth it! I get a lot more done in a shorter time on the long arm, without wrestling with a big quilt to get it under the needle.

Unca Ray is having cataract surgery this summer, so when this quilt is done, he'll be seeing it with brand new eyes, so to speak.

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Michele at Sweet Leaf said...

Here's one of the reason's I quilt : I got this wonderful thank you letter in the mail today from "Original" Marge :

Dear Michele,
What a total surprise to receive your package containing the beautiful "barn" table runner!
The colors, design and workmanship of the runner so captures the essence of my barn--it's obvious I didn't need to spend 5 long minutes struggling to convey the concept to you!
The runner will be absolutely perfect topping my burlap "tablecloth" at our August 6th family gathering.
Thank you, Michele--it was so sweet of you to make it for me.
Marge Demuth, "The Original"