Sunday, February 05, 2012

Warm-Ups : Dina Wakely's Creative Jumpstart


Dina Wakely did the first day of Creative Jumpstarts in January 2012.  It was absolutlely brilliant!   This is such a great idea!     She recommended doing some warmups (Creative Calisthenics) in your creative space for 10 minutes (or so) before you set to work on some "real" projects.  One thing she recommended was just setting down some color on pallet paper and then laying down a tag or a journal page to pick up that color.     Let the colors mix and inspire you in this wet collage ...  You can also do it with paper and collage.

Here, I used  some old library card catalog cards--because I have a pile of them.     This one was Moon Shadow ink,  walnut ink with shimmery powders that collect and pool in interesting ways.

Walnut inks.   

Metallic paint that made interesting patterns when I pulled up the catalog card. 

I am still in the process of re-vamping my creative space so that I have sectors for sewing and for book arts.   Still working on it ...    Although Dina posted this on Jan 2, it still took me weeks to actually try it. 

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