Sunday, February 02, 2014

2BD34 Making Magic

For this week's lesson, Kim showed us how to turn a ready-made texture into a "magic" texture, and then layer it into a photo.  Magic textures are mostly black with some white textures.  With the right blend modes, they can add wonderful effects to an image.
Here you see the original Kim Klassen Flourish texture beside the magic version.
Kim gave us a recipe to magic-ify suitable textures.  
It's a little hard to see that the magic version isn't just black, but trust me--there's more to it.  

 Here's a closer-up version of the "magicked" Kim Klassen Flourish texture.  
You can see it looks like beautiful black slate or other black stone.
Yummy! Makes me want to reach out and touch it!
I know Kim K did a magic version of Flourish around Christmas last year, too.  This is my magic version of her Flourish Texture.
I won't share the magic-making recipe here.  Please join the Beyond Beyond Class if you want to know how.

Here's the original photo I started with.
Recipe :
Layer 1 : Original background photo
Layer 2 :  Kim Klassen's Flourish Texture - Magic Version
                     Rotated 90 degrees ; Screen blend mode 100% ; 
                     with a layer mask to brush the texture off her face
Layer 3 : Copy Layer 2 - Change opacity to 39%

In the version at the top of this post, you can see the flourish in the upper right corner.  It's pretty amazing that layering in a black texture doesn't make your image all dark and muddy.  That's the magic of the blend modes!

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