Monday, December 15, 2014

Warm Winter Woolens : Alpaca Blue Rectangle Scarf on the Tri-Loom

I finished this scarf this month as a Christmas present, using some wonderfully soft alpaca yarn.
Here it is done up as a mobius scarf.  You could also fold in the corners and use them as pockets, or leave them hanging long.  [They were so long, it was hard to get a picture of them hanging down.]

Here it is on the loom.  The yarn made a nice checked pattern once it was woven :

The Tri-loom was set up as described on pg 57 of Carol Leigh Brack-Kaiser's book Continuous Strand Weaving Method.   Basically, I only used the top 1/3 of the tri-loom, as my friend didn't want the 3rd corner to her scarf.  You work it with the usual continuous line method, until you get to the pegs you want to be your bottom edge.  Then I strung a piece of sturdy kitchen twine along the bottom edge to help keep it even.  You can see I still got a bow in it, but I can say it was part of the design, if that's the part that hangs around the neck, you want it to be narrower and less bulky.   Next time, I might rig a steel rod across there to keep it straight and the tension even.    

After you make it as wide as you want it to be, you have to work each side on it's own.  I used a flat stick to open the sheds (1 in the middle worked for both sides), then I used 2 stick shuttles to run the yarn through--one on each side.   Sorry--I didn't take any pictures of that stage.

Here's a shot of how tight the yarns were right before I popped it off the loom.

Here it's coming off the loom...

Here's one corner, fresh off the loom.  
It's holding it's shape, but the yarns haven't settled into their final positions yet. 
I did go around the edges with a crochet hook to even things out and stabilize the edges.

Here it is after it's been fluffed and fulled.  Nice and soft and the yarns have evened out.

A nice shot of the weave pattern.

This scarf used less than 3 skeins of yarn.
The yarn was gifted to me by a lady at work who had inherited her Aunt's craft room supplies.  
She had lots of this wonderful yarn.  I still have a whole bag left to make other things.

Here's to warm winter woolens!

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The Idaho Beauty said...

I keep forgetting about your weaving efforts. Lucky you to be gifted that yarn. I've knit with alpaca yarn and it is the best! Found this so interesting how the variegated yarn worked up in the weave - so differently than if knit. Also interesting that there would be so much spacing between the strands which then fluffs together once off. Just beautiful and oh so warm for those Wisconsin winters!