Sunday, August 02, 2015

Loved by the Sun

Hmmh ---  There's more "glow" to my original than this version small-ified for the web.

Too hot to do much else today, but sit under the fan and play with images.

Here's the recipe layer-by-layer :
1) Background image of cone flowers, cropped.  Extended canvas with respect to Rule of Thirds.
2) Lighten
3) Topaz Impression - Watercolor Treatment
4) July Watercolor Texture (Scan 6 - mine) - Soft Light 100%
5) Copy Layer 4 - Multiply 90%
6) July Watercolor Texture (Scan 6 - mine) - Used the texture this time. - Soft Light 43%
Masked off some of the texture on the flowers.
7) Photoshop Artistry MO8-2012-3 - Screen 43% - (Lightens the center area.)
8) Photoshop Artistry Edge 18 - Overlay 27%  (Lightens the edges)
9) Text - Dear Joe 4 font (one of my favs) - Soft Light 100%

I was thinking about an old movie that I love, called Legend, with Tom Cruise and Mia Sara.  Jon Anderson from Yes does a song called "Loved by the Sun" as the credits roll up.    Someone made a nice video retelling the whole story in just 6 minutes.  Here it is :


The Idaho Beauty said...

I've never seen this movie so this was a nice introduction. Especially since I just love Jon Anderson...

janice said...

Michele, this is lovely!