Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Beautiful Grunge : Rusty Roses

My continuing love affair with Rust ...  These are some beautiful rusty roses found on some of my dad's old logging equipment.  [If he sees this, he'll never look at that old rust the same way again!  Or he'll have total confirmation that his daughter turned out with a kooky sense of beauty!]

Here's the wider shot the close-ups above came from.   

 This one looks like a painting.  So beautiful!

It just goes to show that there is Beauty everywhere, if we just stop to notice!

Again, here's the wider shot that yielded some of the close-ups above. 

1 comment:

The Idaho Beauty said...

These are amazing. Hard to believe they are natural phenomena and not an artist's creation. Even your dad should be able to see that in these photos!