Saturday, June 18, 2016

Wedding Ring Quilt is Complete!

It's done!  Now I can call it "Kaylee's Wedding Ring" Quilt.  What an honor it has been to work on this little quilt for my Auntie Rosita.  She died before she could finish it for her grand-daughter's wedding this summer.

My mom and I gave it to Kalylee at her Wedding Shower this June.  We thought that would be better than the wedding so we could actually tell her about it.  You know how busy the bride is at her own wedding!

The amazing thing is that Kaylee looks a lot like Rosita did when she was young.  ;-)

Here it is in the gift box with a picture window top so she could see it even before she opened it.
She knew exactly what it was, too.

 She likes it! She likes it!

Auntie Rosita, me and my mom, Holly at Quilt Camp in 2009 (or so).
Farewell, Rosita!

For the record, here are all the posts about the this Wedding Ring Quilt :


The Idaho Beauty said...

This is just too cool. And I am glad you finally shared a picture of Rosita. Had to laugh that your mom looks familiar to me. I'm sure we never crossed quilting paths but realize she does remind me of some of the quilters I got to know while living in Wisconsin. Must be that upper Midwest look! :-)

Michele Matucheski said...

Yeah--That's My Auntie Rosita. I'm surprised I hadn't done that before. I have a little picture of her on my sewing machine now, watching over me.

Funny you should say my mom looks familiar -- I look at pictures of her when she was young and think she looks so unusual. But as she's gotten older and rounder, I guess she does look like a typical Midwestern Quilter.