Sunday, July 10, 2016

Progress on Day at Loon Lake Quilt

Some events at work this month have made me want to disengage and NOT think about work or words in  my off-time.  Working on a project like this, with colors and shapes, is the perfect down-time for my brain.    This was the last block to be done.  Raw-edge applique.

 The full block.

This gives a little better idea of how it integrates into the block next to it.

See that turquoise-y block in the middle (in the first pic)--right under the BIG loon?  It just wasn't the right blue for a NorthWoods Lake -- too mediterranean.  It just never fit with the blocks around, nor the overall scene it was seeking to depict, so I swapped it out for the bluer blue in the second pic.  Ahh -- much more harmony!

Now I can move on to the next steps ...  stitching down the applique pieces and doing some free-motion embroidery.

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