Sunday, August 14, 2016

Textures from the Necropolis in Glasgow, Scotland

You might think I'm crazy, to travel so far in a land of beautiful verdant landscapes, and what do I come back with, but texture pics from a cemetery!  Don't worry--I've got oodles of Scottish Highland pics, too, and maybe someday I'll work them up in a landscape quilt.

Now it's back to the over-stimulation of work,  and I find it's these oh-so-calming abstracts that settle me down.    These are all from The Necropolis in Glasgow, a Victorian era cemetery on a hill.  Here's an article from Glasgow Living to give you a better flavor of this particular City of the Dead. 

FYI : These are pretty much straight out-of-the-camera with very little additional processing (save for cropping or straightening).    If you want to see better quality images for this texture set, please see my corresponding Flickr Photo Album.  Enjoy!

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The Idaho Beauty said...

Your eye knows what you will use. Have just looked at these on Flickr and can just see them as backgrounds to your photo work. Think of the time artists might spend creating these textures through paint or other methods. How nice that the cemetary headstones have done that work for you. :-)