Sunday, October 09, 2016

Threadpainting at Lake Lucerne Quilt Camp 2016 : Part 2

I made progress on several blocks from the Day at Loon Lake Quilt :

Threadpainting the background landscapes from Loon Lake

Threadpainting the Jumping Fish from Loon Lake

 On Friday, I decided to "warm up" by securing some of the fusible appliqued landscapes by using some of the fancy stitches on my machine.  Good thing I brought all my thread boxes, too!

 It's good to test your machine, settings, thread, stitches on a practice piece BEFORE trying to do it on the real thing.  You can see some of the stitches did not like the thinner embroidery thread on the bobbin.  I needed a heavier weight-thread for these fancy stitches -- once I made that change, they stitched beautifully!

Then there's the fish :

 THese are most of the colors I used to thread-paint the jumping fish.
I was glad I brought a long my thread boxes!

 Here's the back-side of the fish, so you can see all the stitching I added AFTER the initial applique.

 Here are the backsides of the landscape pieces.  You can really see the outlines of the stitching without all the color on the front side.

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The Idaho Beauty said...

Impressed once again! Love the stitching you are doing here. I'm not sure I've ever used THAT many different colors of thread on a single quilt. But your fish is truly beautiful for all the patience you have to change thread colors. And yes, we all should have more patience to make test runs with thread and decorative stitches before diving in. Looks like a good productive weekend.