Sunday, October 09, 2016

Wild Quilting at Quilt Camp at Lake Lucerne 2016 : Part 1

 Just back from another weekend at The Quilting Friends Quilt Camp at Lake Lucerne.  October is always a lovely time of year to make the drive west of Oshkosh.  Only a few trees starting to turn colors so far ...

I made progress on several projects :

Threadpainting the background landscapes from Loon Lake

Threadpainting the Jumping Fish from Loon Lake

Wild Quilting a Pillow Top (This post)

10-Minute Table Runner (It actually took more like an hour)

Borders on the Disappearing 9-Patch (almost)

 The Wild Quilting Pillow Cover.  A little difficult to photograph as the thread matched the fabric so well--I was going for under-stated here.  The fabric come from a rayon skirt and top that had been nicely dyed by someone.  The waistband of the skirt was toast, though, and not wearable.  But -- oh, what a dye job!

Here's the back-side after the quilting was done, but not yet turned into a pillow cover.
I used an old mattress pad for the batting.  
It gives a nice "puff," and it's been well-washed over the years.

This is a project I've been wanting to do ever since I saw The Quilt Rat's pillow ...  and more recently took the online Wild Quilting Class at Craftsy with Christina Camelli. 

Here I was auditioning patterns and designs on a whiteboard BEFORE I tried to stitch them out.

Me and Laura Ramseier.  Laura organizes and runs the wkd, along with Jolene Stadler.  I get the distinct honor of sharing a table with Laura.  She is a veteran Quilter, and I so enjoy spending time with her.   I heard all about her chickens -- She's been quilting chickens for years, but now she has 3 live chickens at home -- with a coop and everything!  She made a Carolina Log Cabin quilt last year in honor of her daughter who died too young of breast cancer.  The quilt will be raffled off next month -- I bought some raffle tickets for a chance to win one of Laura's amazing quilts.  ;-)

Here are some scrappy stars for the quilts she was working on this weekend : 

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The Idaho Beauty said...

I'm impressed by two things. First, I can't believe what a difference it makes on how the swirls look when you add an "echo" on either side. Total good transformation. Second, I can't believe how much your white board practice and your actual quilting of same motifs look alike. Mine never do!