Friday, December 30, 2016

Oliver's RBW String Quilt is Complete!

Oliver's RBW String Quilt is complete, and given for Christmas 2016.

Happy Boy finally has his quilt!

Detail of the quilting pattern mapped out on quilt tracing paper, so that I can stitch through it, and know where to go.  The wuilt paper can then be pulled off, leaving only the stitching.  I love this no-mark method because it yields such great results for intricate designs.

Detail of the quilting from the backside.

 We were trying to get the sun to show off the stitching from the back, but didn't quite work out as planned ...  Still, it's an unusual smiling picture of OKL!

These are the quilting patterns I chose for the blocks.  
These were all used multiple times.

Batting : Hobbs 80/20 Cotton/Poly Batting.  
I love this stuff, as it gives this antique-y crinkle look after it's washed.

For the haf-square triangles, I used this design. 

And for the corners, a quarter section of a full design worked well.

 I wasn[t sure what to do with the borders for the longest time.  Finally, I took inspiration from the wooden trim edging doorways in our old house.  Simple.

A simple hand-written label, as I didn't want to wrestle with the printer and the special fabric.  

Another finished quilt for 2016!
That's 3 quilts finished, and all 3 given away this year.


The Idaho Beauty said...

I've never stopped to think that I could choose quilt designs like these for a string quilt. Always end up following the lines of the strings. I'll have to remember this for my next one. It came out great!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michele! What an awesome quilt! Did you hand quilt this? It is amazing! Happy New Year! --Deb Knippel