Sunday, January 08, 2017

Something from Every Day : Week 1 2 Lil Owls Photo Prompts

I thought I would use Denise Love's 2017 "Let's Do 52 : 52 Weeks of Photo Prompts" to kick start the lull in my photography.   If you'd like to join us, find out more at the link above.  The more the merrier!

There are a number of reasons I've let that interest wain -- some of it involves :
     1) not liking my current camera as much as my old one, even though it's the same company (Canon)
     2) the demise of Picassa as a photo management system and catalog
     3) my abject fear of losing pictures in LightRoom (despite a 60-hour class designed to show me all the ins and outs.) 
     4) frustrations with PSE14.

Time to bite the bullet and get back to it, and master some of these challenges!

Here's the original still life I started with : 
a simple bowl of apples with some nice light.

The photo at the top of this post uses the Topaz Impression filter for Georgia O'Keefe.  
One of my favorite treatments!


The Idaho Beauty said...

Very nice. I like the softness that filter imposes.

Anonymous said...

lovely edit. I use Topaz Impressions has some great effects.