Thursday, June 22, 2017

Weaving a Peaceful Rhythm in Double Weave

I am so enjoying the process of weaving this Double Weave color gamp, that I decided it would be fun to make a video so you could see the motion, and the yarns changing with the sheds.

Once again, weaving becomes a mindful moving meditation for me. I am truly grateful to have this in my life for mental health and creative reasons.   ;-)

This video is shot from above, as I wove in a lavender color.

I am using the dark brown beads to keep track of how many rows in this set.  1 bead gets pushed over after completing the sequence below.  1 bead equals 2 rows (back and forth; top and bottom layers).  There are 12 beads, which tells me I've woven 24 rows when the sequence is completed.

The Treadles are tied up as follows :
      Treadle 1 : Shaft 1
      Treadle 2 : Shaft 2
      Treadle 3 : Shafts 1+2
      Treadle 4 : Shafts 3+4
      Treadle 5 : Shaft 3
      Treadle 6 : Shaft 4

The treadle pattern is as follows :
      Shot 1 : Treadle 1    Left to Right         (Top Layer)
      Shot 2 :  Treadle 2    Right to Left        (Top Layer)
      Shot 3 :  Treadles 3+5  Left to Right    (Bottom Layer)
      Shot 4 : Treadles 3+6  Right to Left     (Bottom Layer)

This video is shot from the side so you can see the different sheds opening to allow access to either the top of bottom layers of fabric.  This time I am weaving in a burgundy color yarn.

The weaving goes fast.  It doesn't take long to do 24 pics of any one color.

Peaking through to bottom layer
I can't really see how the bottom layer is progressing -- I only get small glimmers of the colors laying down together.

The fold side where the colors change.

Shafts 1+2 weave the top layer of cloth, while shafts 3+4 weave the bottom later with the fold on the right side.

I'm also getting pretty good at fixing broken warp strings.  Here are a few of the new strands hanging off the back beam and weighted to hold tension even with the rest of the warp. 

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