Saturday, June 23, 2007

Fabric Post Cards

Last month at Conversations in Cloth, we worked on Fabric Postcards. I finally finished mine.

The turtle pattern/idea is from a recent issue of Quilter's Newsletter, though not for postcards.

This last postcard uses the cut-out curls from the other turtle shells. You can use all your scraps this way! Makes a nice bouquet, doesn't it?

These will be mailed out soon. I just need to show them to CinC members.

Personal Notes on Fabric Post Cards :
I was really looking forward to learning how to make these because I thought the small format would be great for trying a variety of new techniques and color combinations without being bogged down in finishing a huge project like a bed-size quilt. What I found out was that the 4 in x 6 in size was just a little too small for me (See how the turtle feet hang over the sides).

The other great thing about these will be sending them to people. What a surprise it will be for the recipients in the mailbox!

On time management : Working on these post cards takes time away from my other projects. I didn't want to work on them on Sunday (my one day reserved for sewing). I think if I continue, I might have to schedule 1 night a week to work on postcards or journal quilts, the experimental stuff ...

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Vicki W said...

I think these cards are great - especially because the turtle overruns the card dimensions. That last one is brilliant!