Saturday, June 23, 2007

Spring Migration won Viewer's Choice at LSQG

Spring Migration was voted Viewer's Choice at The Lakeside Quilt Guild Meeting this week. (Read about the making of it ...) This really surprised me!

Everyone who participated in the Challenge brought their creation to the meeting. We laid them out and members voted on the one they liked best. There were many nice entries. The possibilities seemed endless!
* Someone made a little stuffed bear with a beaded necklace.
* Someone else unraveled the gold braid and used it for a Honey Bee Fairy's golden tresses.
* Another person incorporated fabric folding / origami as a bouquet of flowers
* Other people did traditional pieced blocks with additions like chopsticks (Cool, Carol K!)

I wish I could remember more of the entries to tell you about them ...

The point of the project was for the participants to challenge themselves, and work with some techniques and ingredients they probably were not used to working with (tulle, beads, eyelash lace, gold braid). It was a great project to challenge us to work "outside the block."

Nice job, everyone!

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