Sunday, June 03, 2007

New Gadget : Quilt Block Design Mirrors

I discovered this nifty gadget this week. I've been using it to decide if a particular focus fabric will yield suitable kaliedescope or 4-patch posies. It has proven to be a valuable tool before I make a purchase on questionable fabrics.

Try this :
1. Go to your favorite online fabric seller, or a local fabric shop.
(I like Elkabee's Fabric Paradise because they have a great selection, large swatches, and an indication if inches to size the motif in question.)
2) Print out a swatch or two you think will work :

Tossed Fruit Punch on Black by Hoffman courtesy of Elkabee's

3) On paper, you can use the mirrors to test your inclinations.

I am looking for a fabric that will yield kaliedescopes that will look like fruit pies.
Do you think this one will work?

I'm almost ready to put in an order ... What to use for a background, though?

I probably would not have purchased it on my own. It was in the prize basket of sewing notions I won in March.

Make Your Own : Katy from Conversations-in-Cloth suggested making your own with mirrored tile (try Home Depot or Lowes) and duct tape. What a great idea! It's a remarkably simple tool.

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Vicki W said...

I never thought to print off fabric to test the effect - great idea!