Monday, April 21, 2008

Blue Pate Specials : April Postcards

Blue Plate Special I - Scrambled Egg Breakfast

Blue Plate Special II - Sunny Side Up Breakfast

Here is a set of fabric postcards I made this weekend. (I've got seasonal allergies with a vengeance this year, and it makes me hungry for comfort foods like bacon and eggs and biscuits.)

Notes : The scrambled egg was given relief and texture by taking a scrap of orange and yellow flower fabric and crumbling it up and then fusing it in its crumbled state.

The bacon looks a little burnt--some people like it that way. ;-) I think my next bacon in fabric will use a pinker/redder scrap to start with. These postcards are always fun little experimental pieces that can actually be finished in a day.

The toast is a piece of wool leftover from a skirt I made years ago ... I thought it had a nice texture for whole wheat bread.

And just because I think it's interesting to see how these ideas develop, here are some photos from the real (analog) Sweet Leaf Notebook where I record my ideas and let them simmer until I can bring them to life :

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Vicki W said...

Very cool cards! I also love your craisin beads. That was a very clever idea.