Sunday, March 01, 2009

Faces on Fabric

My Favorite so far ... This is the one I want to work up into the class project.

I started a new online class this week called Faces on Fabric with Terri Stegmiller. I'm always looking for other options for faces in portrait quilts.

For starters, Terri suggests drawing a face every day. Good advice--and it really doesn't take that long to do a face this way. Here's where I started :

Face #1

Face #2

Face #3

Face #4

Face #5 (A little practice goes a long way!)

Today, I was on a roll ... I started drawing friends. I pulled out one of our wedding albums. We had a great photographer in Mary Gordon who took many candid portraits of our wedding guests--some no longer with us.

Erma K.

Self-Portrait #1

Self-Portrait #2

A Boy

Wei Ching

Molly Singing

Molly #2



Terra G.

Kerri S.

Pat Kaye

Caroline & Mike

My Glamorous Mom



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Sue B said...

Michelle these are fantastic! That very first one is really something, you've really captured the moment beautifully.