Sunday, March 15, 2009

Snow Dyes - Last of the Season?

This go-round, I used the screen-over-a-catch basin method (as opposed to letting it sit in the melted brine until I could get back to it).

Last weekend, we had a nice snow-storm. New fluffy snow (I loved it!), which I packed down to a denser format. Sometimes the dye seems to go right through the light fluffy snow, defeating the purpose of the snow as a resist ... so I packed it down well.

Here's a detail from the cloth I put underneath the screen to catch the drippings. No snow on top. Just the snow-melt and dye water.

Detail from the middle cloth with yellow ...


The Red and Black one was really disappointing. I think these dyes have just gotten too old. Time to order a new batch of basics. That fab will be thrown onto the re-dye pile. The black turned green and the red turned into a faded orange. Disappointing, but a lesson learned.

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Vicki W said...

They may not be what you wanted, but they are terrific!