Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not Your Grandmother's Quilt Show - Meet the Artist

On March 21, 2009, the Oshkosh Public Museum sponsored a Meet-the-Artist event. I was there with many other artists.

Visiting "Oliver" at the museum. I told him I'd bring him something to eat while he was staying at the museum. [The real Oliver (now 8 yo) was not amused at that idea.]

Here's my Day at the Lake 2 quilt.

Look! The curator hung my Day at the Lake 2 next to Wendy Butler Berns photo quilt of her mother! Too cool! These two really do flow together well. It's like the grandmother in Wendy Butler Berns quilt is watching the kids on the beach. Beyond that, it's a nice comparison of applique techniques : raw-edge fusible (mine) and glue-baste (Wendy's). I just took a class with WBB in her technique--stay tuned for the results.

It really felt more like "Meet Your Fellow Quilt Artists" which is just fine. Who else has a better idea of what we're all doing there and what we had to do to create these pieces. And who better to appreciate it than other art quilters who have an idea just what is involved in terms of materials, time, effort, problem-solving, frustrations, skills, etc. The museum was a nice little bee-hive of activity that afternoon! There were even a few quilters who brought their machines and were whirring away to demonstrate free-motion quilting and threadpainting.

At the museum, the art quilts are all professionally hung and lighted. The red walls make the pieces POP! They look so much nicer at the Museum than at home or even in a temporary quilt show. Here's there is space to really stand back and see them. They are hung straight and well-lit.

I feel like I've arrived!

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Christian Long said...

That's a very nice picture of you with the Oliver quilt.