Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wet Studio 5S'ed

One of the reasons I haven't produced much lately is because my work areas are such complete and utter disasters, that it's a tangible hindrance to creativity. For work this week, I'm learning all about LEAN, including 5S. The 5S-es are :
1) Sort
2) Straighten
3) Sweep / Shine
4) Standardize
5) Sustain

Here is a BEFORE shot of my basement Wet Studio :

The counter is so cluttered with stuff that I haven't been able to do anything new ...

After 4 hours of 5S-ing, the above mess became this tidy and LEAN version (Ahhh!):
Doesn't it just say, "Make something here!" now?

Things left on the counter are stirrers, measuring spoons, measuring cups, water pitcher, sop cloths (for those serendipitous clean-ups).

BEFORE : This is the cabinet under that cluttered counter. Things are shoved in wherever they will fit with no real rhyme or reason.

Here's the AFTER shot :

It might not look all that different, but things are in an order that makes much more sense now (ie, epty containers (dye pots) are on one shelf. Lesser used items are on the bottom shelf. Also note that the shelf spaces are labeled, so I'll know where to put things away again.

BEFORE shot of the sink area. Those are actually CLEAN dishes there in the sink. I do usually manage to do dishes after a day of mess-making, but getting back down here to put them away may be weeks later.

AFTER : The sink is empty, clean and shiny -- well, as shiny as it gets.

BEFORE : There's an old Library Card Catalog behind all that stuff. I've never gotten around to actually using it--until today.

AFTER 4 hours : I cleared away the stuff sitting in front of the Card catalog. The drawers now have labels. I decided to keep my paints in the drawers. The rod for the Library cards actually keeps the paints standing a at a slight slant, which makes them less likely to leak. [Sorry for the blurry pictures.]

In the Sort and Sweep stages, I discovered this chair that I'd forgotten about, along with 2 (count 'em) dust-pans with brush sets. I gave one to my husband for his side of the basement, to encourage him to sweep up his sawdust. ;-)

Although there's more work to be done, more piles to go through, this is a pretty good start. Maybe I'll actually make some soap this weekend??? or Dye something ... I have many more possibilities now that I have a usable work space again. Now the trick it to maintain it!

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