Sunday, July 25, 2010

Artist Showcase

Although the primary focus of Sweet Leaf Notebook is to show the stuff I've been making, I do like to recognize the artists and crafters who make things I like enough to purchase.

Beautiful northern lights mug made by The Queen's Potter at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. It makes me look forward to my morning tea! The makers are Mike and Sara Wisdom at Hearthstone Arts. This lovely green seems to be called "Forest Isle." It reminds me of the glow of Northern Lights.

Cocobolo pen by Northwoods Penworks (Guy Kaplan), purchased at the Black Hawk Music Festival in Mt. Morris, WI. This rich red wood comes from South America. I thought I needed such a nice pen to go with my journals. ;-)

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Mike Wisdom said...

Thank you, Michele, for a lovely post. I hope your mug is still serving you well and that you can visit us at the Bristol Renaissance Fair. If you come to the fair be sure to stop by our shop and say: "hello!" We look forward to seeing you again. Mike Wisdom